Thursday, February 19, 2015

Will The Classy Women Please Stand Up!

Ladies and gentlemen sometimes it feels like there has been an exstinction of classy women in today's society. Society teaches us the more we show the better we look. The more you expose, the more attention you will receive. Well ladies that is true, the more you show, the more attention you will receive, but it doesn't mean it's going to be good attention. Yes, you will get the wrong man's attention!!! You will attract the dead beat with 10 children by nine different women, and the man who is trying to figure out if he can get you in the bedroom the same night after meeting you, the next week maybe, or possibly the next month. Ladies if you are not for sale, please take the for sale sign down! This is what men think about women who lack class! The Bible admonishes us to wear modest apparel. Every new trend is not for the body of believers because we must remember we are representing Christ before we represent anyone else. How can the world tell a difference between holiness and sanctification if we are blending in with them? Ladies we should be cautious of the type of language we are using. Women with high standards, a certain level of education, and Holy Ghost filled women are mindful of what they say. Classy women do not use obscene language. Neither should we entertain perverse conversations. Many times when women use obscene language it's because we have hidden insecurities. Ladies you are beautiful! Ladies God made you a gift to man, not man's trophy piece or toy! Ladies you are valuable, love and respect yourself. The world needs to see the true definition of a classy woman! Ladies I ask you, will the classy women please stand up!!!!!!!