Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cultivate your style by The Whit Michelle

It's not too late to cultivate your style!
How to define your style? Ask this question when trying to find your style.
How do you like to dress? Are you an eccentric or more conservative?
Do you prefer business formal or casual comfort? Is your current
wardrobe classically elegant or fashion forward? Consider the look you
would like to present to the world. When finding your style consider your age. Clothing should always be age-appropriate. If you've got grandchildren and you're dressing like them, there's a problem. It's ok to want to look youthful, but make sure your outfits suit your stage of life. 

Consider your occupation when cultivating your style. You wouldn't wear jeans and a t-shirt to work at a law firm, and you wouldn't wear stilettos and a mini skirt to teach in. Use your profession as a guide when you shop. Once you have created a professional wardrobe ensemble, pump it up with some accessories. Ladies you can accessorize your wardrobe with a nice broach, scarf, necklace, or a nice pair of earrings. Make sure your accessories, mainly your earrings and your necklace isn't too gaudy. Men you can accessorize your wardrobe with a nice tie, bow tie, and pocket handkerchief, and some nice cuff links.Consider your lifestyle when cultivating your style. Fashion should combine form and function, and it should fit well with your surroundings. For example, if you live in the country you would not wear stilettos on an everyday basis because you would really stick out like a sore thumb. Your style does not have to consist of designer clothing.

Looking through your wardrobe will help you identify your current
style. What you like about it and what you wish you could change.
Fashion inspiration can come from a variety of sources when trying to
find your style. Fashion inspiration can come from celebrities,
fashion magazines, and personal stylist can help you cultivate your

Don't just consider trends that are hot today, but also
consider vintage styles because fashion always repeats itself.
When updating your wardrobe take baby steps. For example, if you have
an old pair of jeans that look old and ratty, role them up and to look
like boyfriend jeans and add a Blazers, pearls, and some cute pumps.
Just be creative.

Make sure to dress according to your body style!
Most women's bodies are pear-shaped, which means they have a narrow
waist and wider hips. If you're pear-shaped, buy clothing that draws
attention to your slim upper body. Brightly colored shirts, scarves
and modern looking shoulder pads should work well. Wear tailored pants
and skirts, as well as hip-length long jackets. Avoid pleats and
stripes, which will further accentuate broader areas.
If you're rounder and more apple-shaped all around , you'll want to
draw attention away from your waist. Go for flat-fronted skirts,
empire-waisted dresses and tailored, wide-legged pants.

Don't accentuate a flat chest with a deep v-neck. Instead, choose
rounded-neck tops, and add a layered necklace to add dimension.
If you are busty, accentuate your curves by wearing a scooped neckline
that hugs your chest appropriately.
If you are extra curvy, you don't have to wear baggy, saggy, clothes.
You can still find fashionable, tailored clothes that comfortably
compliment your body. Shop in stores that can accommodate your shape
and buy clothes that fit well.
Know which types of fabrics and textures are most flattering. Shiny,
bulky, or stiff textures can make you appear bigger than what really
are. Smooth, matte surfaces, like cashmere and jersey, can really slim
you down.
The way you dress says a lot about yourself, it shows people how much
you care about yourself and whether or not you really are serious
about what you are doing.
Having an edgy look is ok in certain settings, but you still must
maintain a level of modesty. Edgy dressing will be appropriate for
events such as parties, dates, and fashion shows. When going to
professional events, such as networking events, business meetings, and
speaking engagements it is important to dress professional at all
times, because your appearance speaks volumes to your audience.
Don't just buy an article of clothing just because it's trendy, buy
what fits your style. Your style is you, your style is unique, make
sure you are comfortable and pleased. At the end of the day you are
not trying to please people, but you can only please you!

Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Fall and Winter Trends

The Fall season is vastly approaching!  You know what that means!! You guessed it, it's time for a wardrobe and color change! Some of the hottest season's colors will be wine, burgundy,  cobalt blue, navy blue, mustard yellow, deep purples, pumpkin (dark orange), earth tones and neutrals.  I love the Fall and Winter months as it relates to Fashion,  because you can really dress up more, layer your clothing, wear scarfs, hats, gloves, and cute pea coats. Scarfs, hats, gloves, and coats are a great accessory to your daily outfit, that will make you grab attention.  Another reason I love the Fall and winter months is because I get to pull out my long boots, booties, and cowgirl boots! Lastly, my favorite part of Fall and Winter is drinking my hot coffee and teas from Starbucks!  I can't wait my loves! Fall is almost here,  let's get ready. Here are a few fashion trends and colors for this coming Fall and Winter season! I will show you some Fall/Winter styles for leisure time and the work place.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Grand opening of H&M in Memphis

Today was the grand opening for H&M!  H&M is located in Collierville, Tn,  a suburb of Memphis, TN,  inside the Carriage Crossing Mall. Yes, this is Memphis's first H&M. We no longer have to travel or shop online anymore to get H&M products. There was a line wrapped around the building when the store open its doors at 12 noon. This H&M has clothing for Men, women and children. For those of you who don't know much about H&M,  it is a fashion forward company, that carries contemporary and high end fashion for men, women, and children. Some of their stores even carry home decor, but the one in Carriage crossing is exempt from that.  H&M style of clothes can be comparable to companies such as, Zara, Forever 21 and Express.
H&M prices can range from $5 to $150.00. The celebrity line of clothing, and the clothing made from natural fibers can be very costly. H&M is a European based company that was started in Sweden. Today at their grand opening,  they were selling cardigans that were originally $24 for $7. They had so many great deals! Memphis get ready to shop! I'm so happy that Memphis finally has an H&M!

With Love and Empowerment,

Whit Michelle

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Will The Classy Women Please Stand Up!

Ladies and gentlemen sometimes it feels like there has been an exstinction of classy women in today's society. Society teaches us the more we show the better we look. The more you expose, the more attention you will receive. Well ladies that is true, the more you show, the more attention you will receive, but it doesn't mean it's going to be good attention. Yes, you will get the wrong man's attention!!! You will attract the dead beat with 10 children by nine different women, and the man who is trying to figure out if he can get you in the bedroom the same night after meeting you, the next week maybe, or possibly the next month. Ladies if you are not for sale, please take the for sale sign down! This is what men think about women who lack class! The Bible admonishes us to wear modest apparel. Every new trend is not for the body of believers because we must remember we are representing Christ before we represent anyone else. How can the world tell a difference between holiness and sanctification if we are blending in with them? Ladies we should be cautious of the type of language we are using. Women with high standards, a certain level of education, and Holy Ghost filled women are mindful of what they say. Classy women do not use obscene language. Neither should we entertain perverse conversations. Many times when women use obscene language it's because we have hidden insecurities. Ladies you are beautiful! Ladies God made you a gift to man, not man's trophy piece or toy! Ladies you are valuable, love and respect yourself. The world needs to see the true definition of a classy woman! Ladies I ask you, will the classy women please stand up!!!!!!!