Thursday, January 24, 2019

A woman’s favorite dress: The midi dress

The Midi Dress is the career or professional woman’s staple piece to her wardrobe. The Midi Dress is very classic and modest, it can be worn to the workplace, your place of worship, brunch with the ladies, and even to a basketball 🏀 game. 

These particular midi dresses are so versatile, they can be dressed up or down. When I wear these dresses to work, I like to wear them with a nice statement necklace, but nothing too gaudy because I work in a professional environment. 

When dressing these dresses down, I like to wear a nice scarf with a pair of riding boots. A nice blazer or denim jacket is another accessory piece that will compliment a midi dress.

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With Style and Grace

Whit Michelle 

Monday, January 21, 2019

A weekend in St.Louis!!

I spent this past weekend with my lovely man in the great city of St. Louis!!! I must say we had a great time and made some precious memories!!!

Saturday we went to see the play, CANFIELD DRIVE. This play was based upon the assassination of Michael Brown by a White Ferguson County police officer, as well as the social injustice that takes place among the African American community in America. 
CANFIELD DRIVE was so enlightening and rich with the history of how White America views Black people. 

I’ve learned that the hardships our ancestors faced in America still exist among Black people today!! Black people still face economic discrimination, we’re less likely to get the high ranking corporate jobs, and more likely to die at the hands of White supremacist. It sadden me to see how insensitive White people are to the problems of Black Americans. I personally feel it will never end.

In 2019, Black Americans have been afforded more opportunities than our ancestors. We can attend any college in the world, start our own businesses, and even work corporate level jobs. But, getting into college, starting businesses, climbing the corporate ladder is harder for us than it is a White person. It’s hard for us to get funding for our business than whites, and It’s takes us years to be able to become the VP or CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
I thoroughly enjoyed this play and will attend this play again!!!

Before the play we went to a nice Sushi restaurant named Cafe Mochi. We had the shrimp tempura roll and vegetable tempura. I thoroughly enjoyed the vegetable tempura, the shrimp roll was just okay to my taste. I’ve had better sushi that would make me want to eat sushi everyday.

On Sunday we enjoyed a great day of worship. Later that evening we went to a fine dining Italian restaurant name Bortelino’s. Let’s say this foodie absolutely enjoyed the fried calamari, fried spinach, house salad with creamy Italian dressing, and my entree was veal with sautéed vegetables on top, and a baked potato.

I almost forgot!! We had a wonderful breakfast at a place called Egg and I breakfast and lunch restaurant. I have never heard of, or been to this place before!! It was so good!!! They even had oatmeal pancakes 😋😋😋 that was my first choice, but I decided to get the ham, spinach, tomato 🍅 omelette with cheddar cheese 🧀. As my side I had the lemon vinegerette greens, and the breakfast potatoes. This was a delicious breakfast!!! The honey had a steak and egg 🍳 scramble!!!

St.Louis was a great dining experience and a great entertainment experience!! #stlouis #stlouisdining #stlouisentertainment

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Coffee sipping in the 901

Happy day friends!!!! 

I know it’s been a while since I published a blog post. I said to myself, why don’t you blog about what you love doing in Memphis. I love to patronize all the local cafes and coffee shops in my city. There are two new coffee shops that I recently patronized called Inspire Community Coffee and Levee Coffee and Creamery. 

I must say I enjoyed both of these coffee shops, but out of the two, Inspire Community Coffee was my favorite and the coffee shop I will frequent weekly. Inspire is a local business that hires people from the local community. I love companies that invest back into the local community. Local businesses create jobs and add wealth to the local community. 

Inspire not only serves coffee, but they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Might I add that they also have Vegetarian and Vegan options as well. 

Inspire coffee is located 510 Tillman Street in the Binghampton area of Memphis, Tn. 

The cheese quesadillas and the garden salad was absolutely delicious. They offer a lunch special quesadilla and salad or a quesadilla and chili for only $7. 

Levee Creamery was hmmmm, just okay in my opinion. I really don’t have to go again. I must say the pistachio custard was very good, and if I were to go back it would be just to purchase the custard. The coffee at this particular coffee shop wasn’t too tasty, I’ve made better coffee at my house in my personal opinion. 

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Happy blogging, 

Whit Michelle 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Whit Michelle’s favorite Summer moments

I’ve had some really great moments in my city #Memphis!!! I’ve gotten a chance to experience new restaurants in Memphis, attend one of my sweet friend’s wedding, and attend another friend’s very first food festival #butcherboardfestival!!! 

This Summer has also brought the unthinkable! About two weeks ago I lost one of my older cousins to suicide. I can honestly say this has left me mentally unstable. My heart is broken. I have asked myself, "what could we have done, why hadn’t I seen him in such a longtime, and what was bothering him so bad that led him to take his own life?"

Death is never easy, but suicide is definitely not easy to deal with! It is so important to have a relationship with Jesus, and to seek counseling when you are battling with mental illness. I will be transparent enough to say, I too have dealt with depression, but because of my relationship with Christ, my Pastor interceding for me, God sustained me!!!! To God Be the glory!!!! 

Here are a few pictures of my Summer fun!!!

Butcher Board Festival by Cristina McCarter of City Tasting Tours 

Greek food from Grecian Gourmet Taverna 412 S. Main Street, Memphis, Tn 38103

Steak from Stoney River  located in the Shops of Saddle Creek 

Salmon salad and potato soup is from Babulu Tapas and Tacos 

I must say that I was not very impressed with Stoney River!!!!!

Happy blogging!!!! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Butcher Board Festival 

I’m in love with all things food related. I am so excited about the Butcher Board festival that will be taking place here in the great city of Memphis, Tn! Memphis has a very rich food culture, and the Butcher Board Festival will highlight some of Memphis’s great chefs, and foods that will leave a satisfying taste to your taste buds!!!  The Butcher Board Festival will take place on July 22, 2018 at the South Main Market. Some of the featured vendors will include: City Block Salumeria, they will provide us with some great quality meats. Rizzo’s Diner and Riverside 1884 Artisanal Foods are just a few of the vendors who will be featured at the Butcher Board Festival. 

I must say, I can’t wait to indulge in all of the food that will be provided at the festival. I love to eat, and this will be the perfect festival for foodies like myself. Please don’t just hear about this event, but please be apart of this wonderful food festival. This festival will bring income to fellow entrepreneurs, our local economy, and great publicity to our city!!!!!!

To purchase tickets to the Butcher Board Festival, please visit the website 

Make sure to be apart of one of Memphis’ best food festivals sponsored by City Tasting Tours!