Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bell bottoms are in!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever heard of the saying fashion just repeats itself??????? Well, fashion most certainly does repeat itself. Growing up I remember how Thelma from Good Times really rocked her bell bottoms, and she rocked them with such style and grace!!!! Only a true fashionista can really rock a pair of bell bottoms, I promise you, heads will turn when you rock a pair of these bell bottom jeans from Whit Michelle Boutique!!! Take a peak at how this fashionista rocked her bell bottoms from Whit Michelle Boutique!

This fashionista slayed these bell bottom jeans so well! So many people would turn their nose up at these pants, but I want to tell you that these pants are such a classic, and they add some spunk to your outfit!

With style and grace,

The Whit Michelle


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