Friday, April 6, 2018

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

We all know Dr. King for his infamous Mountain Top speech, this speech has been recited in our churches (The Black Church), and at Black History programs in our schools. We also know Dr. King as one of the greatest Civil Rights leaders to ever walk the face of this earth.  

Here is some of the video footage and pictures I was able to capture during my experience of the #MLK50 celebrations in my city, where Dr. King was assassinated, Memphis, Tn.I must say that after all the Black History programs I’ve attended, and all of the speeches I’ve heard made about Dr. King, were not as sentimental for me as the events I witnessed during the #MLK50 celebrations. 

To hear people like Rev. Jesse Jackson speak of his experiences with Dr. King during the civil rights era made me realize that I must do more for my generation and my community in order to see change.

I also participated in the I AM A MAN march, this was a wonderful experience because I’ve never participated in a march before. I got to experience what Dr. King and other civil rights leaders did in the 1960’s so that we (Blacks) could have the same rights as (Whites). 

We as people, I mean Black, Hispanic, Whites, and etc, must come together and see one another as human beings and not for the color of our skin. We are all God's people and He has no perspective person. Let’s get ready to turn our dreams into realities!!!! We need each other!!!

With Love, 

Whit Michelle 

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