Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fringe and more fringe!!!!!

                                                        This fashionista slayed!!!!!!

What can we sa about fringe??? Fringe is a staple piece in fashion that was originated by Native Americans, which served as a type of gutter that repelled rainwaterfrom the wearer. Fringe really became popular in the 1960's by the hippie movement (
Fringe is one of fashion's staple pieces! You can never go wrong wearing fringe, you see fringe in all of the fashion magazines, fashion runways, stores, and on everday people.

I must say this fashionista slayed these fringe pants purchased from Whit Michelle Boutique! The fringe on these pants are like no other that I have seen. The fringe are the focal point of these pants that will have people looking at you saying those are some cute pants!!!! These are some skinny leg pants with a fringe overlay over the pants, the ants are a polyester rayon blend. The fringe pants are made on a MC Hammer style pants from back in the day and do run a little big ladies. Who will be the next fashionista to sla these pants?

With Style and Grace,

Whit Michelle

Owner/CEO of Whit Michelle Boutique


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