Thursday, December 1, 2016

Whit Michelle Boutique's Fashions

Holiday season is here ladies!!!! We women always need new items to wear to turn the heads of the crowd, and to make our significant other say, WOW, look at my woman,(LOL)!!!! This fashionista is rocking one of Whit Michelle Boutique's pieces, the bell sleeved button down blouse!!! Ladies you can rock this with a cape jacket, leather pants, leggings, or a leather skirt. This blouse would even go great with a sequin skirt or sequin pants.

When I say this ruffle skirt gives your outfit so much life, it will make you never want to take this skirt off!!! There have been times where I wanted to wear this skirt two days in a row!!! Ladies this skirt will go great with nude pumps, royal blue pumps, red pumps, pink pumps, and so much more. I would wear a white blouse or a blouse with different types of print!!! You can't go wrong with this skirt!!

The Ruffle Victorian style blouse is my all time favorite!!! This blouse is so classy and elegant, and it's a statement piece that you will not see on every woman!!! Pair this blouse with jeans, leather, sequin, leggings, and pearls ladies!!!!

Live In Style,

The Whit Michelle


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